Eugène Mercier founded his Champagne House at the height of economic growth under Napoleon III's Second Empire. He wanted to make the champagne accessible to all while maintaining a high level of quality, and at the same time breaking away from the norm of the time which limited the champagne to the elites.


Eugène Mercier was a visionary in innovation and communications. He created bold advertising campaigns to promote his Champagne Houseincluding the first film advertisement with the Lumière brothers, the creation of innovative advertising objects and impressive tastings of Champagne Mercier at the World's Fairs. Thanks to his efforts, he ensured that the champagne is accessible to a wider audience without sacrificing quality.


This is an interesting anecdote from the history of Mercier. It is obvious that Eugène Mercier was an innovator and visionary in communications, and this story is proof of that. However, it's important to note that this happened over a century ago, and things have changed a lot since then.


These bold and innovative initiatives have contributed to the reputation of the Champagnes Mercier as a Champagne House that's both affordable and of the highest quality. The initial challenge forEugène Mercier to make the champagne accessible to all without sacrificing quality is still part of the company's philosophy today.


The first car rally took place in 1904 between Paris and Epernay and ended at the gates of Champagne Mercieravenue de Champagne. Eugène Mercier begins work on the construction of its cellars à Epernay in 1871. As soon as these large cellars, Eugène Mercieralways on the lookout for major events, takes them on a tour in a horse-drawn carriage. This exceptional trip was repeated with President Sadi Carnot during his visit to Mercier in 1891. Designed to impress visitors, the Champagne Mercier cellars are still among the most visited in Europe. Champagne with over 100,000 visitors a year.


One of the circuit's most outstanding features Mercier is the giant lightning bolt, another stroke of genius by the founder. Eugène Mercier had the world's largest barrel built for theassembly. His genius for communication led him to overcome all difficulties to exhibit his exceptional lightning at the Universal Exhibition of 1889 in Paris. The lightning Mercier won second prize in the exhibition, first prize going to the Eiffel Tower.

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